ITI-RCS offers a wide variety of radome accessories. The most commonly requested items are shown below. Many other items are available upon request. We can also help identify, design, configure, and integrate the items to ensure they work well with your radome. Radome Obstruction Warning Lights (FAA, ICAO, and other regulatory bodies)

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Heaters
  • Passive (natural convection) and active (powered) ventilation systems
  • Lightning protection systems (NFPA and FAA and other regulatory bodies)
  • Zenith access hatches
  • Maintenance climbing systems
  • Over-sized equipment access doors
  • Personnel doors
  • Snow/debris removal ropes
  • Interior and exterior lighting and electrical outlets
  • Mounting collar
  • Anchor bolt templates
  • Anchor bolt kit
  • Exterior maintenance attach points
  • Feed service lifts and ladders
  • Rapid deployment relocatable ring walls
  • Others as needed

For additional information regarding the accessories offered for our radomes, please review our Radome Accessories Catalog available here...  ACCESSORY CATALOG

A few common radome accessories