At ITI-RCS, we specialize in providing custom-shaped and custom-sized radome structures for systems that require a unique envelope for performance or for civic sensitivity purposes. Our team of expert engineers and technicians have the knowledge and experience to design and manufacture radomes that meet your specific requirements.

We understand that some systems are unique and may have different requirements for size, shape, and color. That’s why we offer a wide range of standard tooling options for radomes, from 4.6ft (1.4m) up to 77ft (23.5m), and can also create custom geometric designs, including segmented, one piece, quasi random, oblate, and other regular geometries.

Our radomes are made with the highest quality materials ensuring that they are durable, lightweight, and weather-resistant. We also offer a wide range of pigments for our exterior coating, to accommodate most color requirements. The color is an integral part of the radome and requires no further painting throughout its life expectancy. Custom multi-color and camouflage patterns are also available options, giving you the flexibility to choose the best design for your system.

We take great pride in the quality of our radomes, and that’s why we design them with longevity in mind. Our radomes have a minimal service life of 20 years with periodic maintenance, and with a good maintenance program, they can likely last even longer.

We understand that custom radome costs can be a concern, but with our in-house engineering and tooling capabilities, we are able to keep costs to a minimum, even for one-off items. We will work closely with you to evaluate your specific situation and provide you with a competitive quote.

In summary, our company offers a wide range of custom radome solutions that are designed to meet the unique requirements of your system. With our expertise, experience, and in-house capabilities, we can provide you with a high-quality, durable, and cost-effective radome that will protect your system and enhance its performance.

Custom Radome Solutions